Eureka officials done marketing with Humboldt County, say city needs to invest in itself


    For over 30 years, Eureka has marketed itself through the Eureka Humboldt Visitors Bureau (EHVB) and at the next City Council meeting, the city could plan to invest the money in itself instead.

    The city's director of planning Rob Holmlund says Eureka and Humboldt County each put $370,000 into a joint marketing fund. That $740,000 finances 84 percent of the marketing for cities and towns throughout the county, according to Holmlund.

    The contract with EHVB ends in June and Holmlund says Eureka is done partnering with the county. He says the city needs to invest in itself more.

    According to agenda minutes, the city has plans to create new brochures that solely feature Eureka.

    Officials also discussed a new "Eureka brand" they'd like to start implementing, along with a new Eureka motto.

    Holmlund says they need to start looking at proposals on Jan. 16 and will end their joint contract with Humboldt County in June.

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