Fortuna police launch security camera registration program


FORTUNA, Calif. - The Fortuna Police Dept. announced that they are beginning a new program where businesses and homeowners can register their security cameras with the police.

"The police department is asking residents and businesses that have exterior or interior security cameras to basically let us know they have those those cameras, and where those cameras are located," Police Chief Bill Dobberstein said.

The goal, according to Dobberstein, is to help police catch suspects of reported crimes.

"Typically if we had a number of thefts or car break-ins or something like that, our officers would go door to door," Dobberstein said. "Our investigators will now be able to look at the cameras and say these five houses have cameras -- we're definitely going to talk to those people and see if they'll let us use that footage."

The department is asking Fortuna residents who own security cameras to register them online at or in person at the Fortuna Police Dept.

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