HCSO: Inmate confesses to Valentine's Day burgarly of McKinleyville storage unit facility


A man who led Eureka police on a chase in a stolen vehicle on Valentine's Day, got away, and was found and arrested two days later, has been charged with the burglary of a Mckinleyville business, according to the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office (HCSO).

The HCSO said 21-year-old Tyler Blaine Gingerich has been charged in connection to the Valentine’s Day burglary of a commercial storage facility on the 1600 block of Murray Road.

Officials said on Feb. 14, Gingerich and an accomplice cut a fence and broke into around 20 storage units. The crime was stopped short when sheriff's deputies patrolling the area noticed the suspicious activity and began to investigate.

Gingerich and the second suspect were caught on surveillance footage at the business, according to the HCSO.

The Arcata Police Department (APD) arrested Gingerich on Feb. 17 for stealing a vehicle and hit-and-run, an unrelated incident. While in custody, he reportedly confessed to deputies his role in the burglary.

Gingerich is facing several criminal charges related to cases from the HCSO, the APD and the Eureka Police Department (EPD). His bail is set at $135,000 total.

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