Homeless veteran housing project coming to Old Town Eureka

Construction for a 50-unit housing project is expected to be built at 108 4th street January 2020 with 25 units for homeless veterans and 25 for the general homeless population.

The Planning Director for the City of Eureka Rob Holmlund says that they have brought in a private contractor called Danco Communities to draw up the plans for this project.

"We already knew there was a local problem herel but, there wasn't any resources to get it done," said President of Danco Communities Chris Dart. "So that was really the catalyst to start putting the project together. This project lowers the cost of our agencies that are working to help serve the homeless populations currently."

He also says that this housing project will provide Post Traumatic Stress Disorder services to the veterans along with many other amenities for other homeless people who live there. Adding that a similar project like this was built in Sacramento and it was received with positive feedback from many different people.

Dart says that permits for the building is expected to be complete by December of this year and construction to begin at the start of January.

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