HSU Town Hall Meeting for information regarding housing in Arcata

After what is said to be a partnership between Humboldt State University and the City of Arcata, a new tenant and landlord education program has formed and will be discussed at a Nov. 30th Town Hall Meeting on campus.

This meeting comes a few months after an off-campus student housing project called The Village was rejected by council and community members.

"I feel there was a lot of missed communication and missed opportunities to communicate. And, I think it was snowballed into some stuff that really wasn't so," said HSU's Off-Campus Housing Coordinator Chanté, talking about the project. "My intention is to fill-in the gap that might not have been there as much during The Village project."

Catt says with this meeting, they hope to improve the climate for both property owners and renters throughout the Arcata community.

"It may create better practices around housing students which, would take away lag time that students have getting into properties," said Catt. "I'm not completely fixed on one solution but, I definitely don't want community members to say that they weren't involved."

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