Board puts decision on Nov. ballot to make Humboldt a sanctuary county

The County of Humboldt Board of Supervisors met Tuesday morning and announced their decision to bring the vote to the people as to whether or not Humboldt County should become a sanctuary county.

What began as a sanctuary petition started by Renee Saucedo led to rallies, and now has acquired over 5,000 votes to put the measure on the ballot in November.

Within the parameters of the petition, it states: "The provisions of this chapter are designed to assure that local law enforcement and other agencies are free from improper interference in the conduct of their duties, that county resources are expended only in furtherance of the objectives for which they are allocated, that participation in the investigation and prosecution of criminal matters is in no way discouraged and that all residents of the County may confidently enjoy the benefits and privileges of life in Humboldt County."

Estelle Fennell, the 2nd District Supervisor of Humboldt County said one major issue with the sanctuary petition is that it will cost extra money. She says the petition basically makes sure that no Humboldt County government employees will help the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents in deporting those living illegally withing county lines.

"A representative from the sheriffs office was there and he explained that there have been four people who have been turned over to ice and each one of those was a felon involved with drugs, sex trafficking and others; some of those issues," said Fennell. " So that would already be covered under SB54. If we'd written something along those lines we would have not made it quite as difficult to implement because it will take money."

Fennell says that the sanctuary petition does touch on a sensitive topic and the board understands the unfortunate circumstance of the separation of families at the board. But, she also says they feel that there isn't enough evidence shown to provide a cause to make a new law for it. However, Fennell wants it known, that it is truly up to the people in the end.

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