2 Humboldt heroes pull a couple from a burning car after a crash in Hopland

Photo courtesy of Hopland Fire

Late Sunday night, a couple was saved by two Good Samaritans who pulled them from a burning car on Old River Road in Hopland, according to the Hopland Fire Dept. (HFD).

"I really wasn't thinking, I just ran down there," Josiah Andrews, 22, from Eureka said about first encountering the scene. "I just ran off to the side of the road and saw a woman hanging halfway out of the vehicle."

The HFD said they received a call that a van had crashed and was on fire. The department said they found that the van had driven into a ravine off of the highway at around 8 p.m.

"I ran down the hill and saw that the van was on fire," Andrews said. "I got the guy out and he helped me get her out. I had to pull the seat back because she was pinned in there."

Andrews said the trapped woman was suffering from major injuries to the front and back of her head.

"We got her out, we went to carry her out, it was me and her husband," he said. "We went to carry her up the hill, I just took my shirt off and pressed it onto her forehead. We were talking to her and trying to keep her calm, you know, not think about the pain. Then my friend Lacey came over and I tried to go and take care of the fire."

The HFD said the driver was flown to a Santa Rosa hospital with major injuries, and that the passenger was also taken to the hospital. The HFD said flames from the vehicle began to spread, but crews were able to contain it before it could ignite nearby vegetation.

Andrews said he would do it again if he ever saw someone in need of help.

"I've never met these people before," said Andrews. "Hopefully anybody would do that."

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