Wiyot Tribe hosts cleanup of encampments on Indian Island

The Wiyot Tribe completed a clean up of encampments on Indian Island Friday, May 11.

The encampments were cleared by Eureka Police Department (EPD) at the end of April. Once cleared, the Wiyot Tribe was able to access the damage and debris left behind which consisted of garbage, furniture, camping equipment, human waste and drug paraphernalia, according to tribal officials.

The EPD met tribal staff at the area this morning to make sure the encampments were clear and safe for entry. The Wiyot Tribe brought more than 20 volunteers and Coast Seafoods brought an additional 20 volunteers who spent most of the day clearing debris, picking up trash and hauling it into dumpsters.

The tribe reported that two sharps containers were filled with needles collected at the sight. Additional volunteers from PacOut Green Team, Humboldt Baykeepers and Bear River Band of Rohnerville Rancheria volunteered their time to help. Bear River Band of Rohnerville Rancheria donated lunch for the whole crew.

"The Wiyot Tribe would like to express their gratitude for all who came out to volunteer for this event and to City of Eureka Police Department and Caltrans for the encroachment permit necessary to access the encampment areas," the tribe said in a statement. "Indian Island is a Sacred Site for Wiyot people. It's is also an incredibly important habitat in Humboldt Bay."

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