Dylan BrownReporter/Anchor

Connect With Dylan Brown

Dylan Brown comes from the Midwest, where he started his inspirational and compelling journalism career in Oklahoma. His beginnings as a reporter were on the steps of the Oklahoma State Capitol. It was there where his career began to spark, creating a fire of a future.

He heard people’s ideas, thoughts and opinions on legislation being passed in the state and felt they needed a voice.

His interest in news continued after graduating from the University of Central Oklahoma with a bachelors in journalism. His first job was at a news station in OKC where he was a news writer, along with being an assignment desk editor.

When it comes to leisurely activities, he loves spending time with his horses. Along with journalism, Dylan loves polo, weightlifting, and participating in triathlons. As a child, he was always had his nose in a book. His parents came up with the nickname “bookworm” for him when he was just 5 years old.

Dylan keeps his heart close to the community and always has his finger on the pulse of society. After coming to the North State he fell in love with the people and continues to make sure their voices are heard.

Winston Churchill once said, “a man makes a living by what he gets but, makes a life by what he gives.” Dylan keeps that quote close to heart and tries hard to live by it through giving all of his viewers the news they deserve.