Rob ElvingtonMeteorologist

Connect With Rob Elvington

Rob Elvington was born and raised in Charlotte, NC, where he took an early interest in severe weather including land-falling hurricanes in the Atlantic and devastating ice storms.

He received a Bachelors of Science in Meteorology from North Carolina State University, concentrating in Mesoscale meteorology (short-term severe weather) along with graduate work in tropical meteorology.

As a student in college and a post graduate, he worked as a forecaster at News 14 Carolina, a 24/7 statewide news channel.

Outside of broadcast meteorology, he researched global distribution of iron aerosols in the form of hematite. Using weather research models, the team was able to track aerosols which eventually helped predict algae blooms in the ocean.

Rob came to Redding from North Carolina in February of 2011 bringing his experience of severe weather to the Northstate. Even before Rob studied meteorology in college he took an early interest in broadcasting. Rob was the weatherman in his high school’s daily morning news show.

Along with forecasting, Rob also enjoys hiking, biking, kayaking and running. Before his time with KRCR, Rob was a competitive runner in the 800 meters (half a mile) as well as a Marathon running coach for a nonprofit national foundation.