An update on the Hirz Fire from McCloud

Air tanker flies over northern Shasta County on the Hirz Fire

The fire danger level in McCloud reads "moderate" but after witnessing extreme fire behavior on the Carr Fire and other California wildfires this year, residents of McCloud say they are prepared to evacuate if the fire gets too close for comfort.

The Hirz Fire is burning 12 miles from the town of Dunsmuir, 18 miles from the City of Mount Shasta and 14 miles from McCloud.

Tuesday, Cal Fire and the Shasta County Sheriff's Office joined forces with the U.S. Forest Service on the Hirz Fire Incident under a unified command.

"You have federal land and you have state land and then you have local government area, cities and counties. As fire travels through those lines, that dictates who is involved in those fires and who makes those decisions," Cal Fire Public Information Officer Johnny Miller said.

As of Tuesday, the U.S. Forest Service and Cal Fire are making decisions on how to contain the Hirz Fire together. "We're always going to send resources to help out but anytime it gets to where it's crossing lines then we go into unified command," Miller added.

Firefighters said Wednesday was the most successful day for getting air response to the fire line. However, people in the town of McCloud said Thursday morning, they will continue to keep a close eye on fire conditions, especially after how fast and strong evacuation orders came on just south of them in Redding.

"That was very sad. I'm very hurt by what happened to some of the families," Jesse Gray said. She said what happened during the Carr Fire has put her town on alert, sitting miles away from the Hirz Fire Incident.

Gray said with the Incident Command Center moving to McCloud, firefighters working nearby has instilled a sense of security, not panic.

However, residents said they are prepared to evacuate if the fire continues to grow their direction.

"We have our trailer and truck packed and are ready to go on a moments notice," Mary Lingsch said.

She and her husband are not taking any chances when dealing with a wildfire. "Phase one, we're out of here. I'm not going to wait for three hits," Lingsch affirmed.

Fire officials do not believe the fire will move any closer to the communities of Dunsmuir, McCloud or Mt. Shasta.

"The active fire flank is not very active. It's very, very low. What we are doing is called firing operations. Now, that does increase acreage and it does put some pretty good smoke in the air. It's not to be alarming, it is a controlled fire," Miller explained. "We're confident we're going to contain this fire."

Estimated containment for the Hirz Fire is September 9.

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