Castella general store stays open as Delta Fire comes closer

    Delta Fire burning on the west side of Gibson Road in Lakehead

    The general store in Castella remains open despite the Delta Fire burning nearby. The store manager says they will stay open as long as they can to assist a community on edge and firefighters who are there to help.

    There are two roads between where the Delta Fire is burning as of Friday morning and the most northern city in Shasta County, Castella.

    Friday morning, hot embers traveling miles in the distance sparked greater problems for crews fighting for containment on the Delta Fire. Flames have also sparked conversation in the small community where residents are waiting on pins and needles at the local and only general store, Ammirati's Market on Castle Creek Road.

    "People feel at home here and they come here to share things about their life," said store manager Nick DiMarco. "Usually everyone comes in the morning because the firefighters are here and so normally they can talk to someone, like you did, and find out the real story or at least something official," said DiMarco.

    Officials with the Shasta County Sheriff's Office said if fire crews are not able to reach some sort of containment soon, the intense rate of the fire spread shows the Delta Fire could reach the communities of Sweetbrier and Castella by Sunday, September 9.

    With a constant coming and going of new guests, the small town of Castella feels like they are in the know.

    "The fire crews have done a good job. They've really, really worked hard," said DiMarco. The general store may run out of RedBull, and possibly fuel. It is their way of helping the community they've called home for so many years. "The firefighters are doing their part so it seems only fair that we help them do their job."

    As of Friday afternoon, the Delta Fire is 11 miles from Castella.

    The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office has deputies patrolling the area 24/7.

    According to Undersheriff Eric Magrini, the Shasta County Sheriff's Office has trigger points in place. If the fire reaches those trigger points, they will begin issuing evacuations immediately.

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