Delta Fire leaves devastation and destruction

    The Delta Fire raging in northern California has demolished and damaged several homes.

    The Delta Fire, raging in northern Shasta County, has demolished and damaged several homes.

    On Thursday, officials said two structures have been confirmed destroyed by the fire but said there were expected to be more.

    When KRCR drove through some parts of where the fire burned Wednesday, destroyed homes were found off of Pollard Flat, near Dog Creek Road, and on Slate Creek Road.

    One home, near the gas station off Pollard Flat was found destroyed, near Dog Creek Road, a home was found to have suffered damage, and on Slate Creek Road, almost all the homes when you enter the street were destroyed.

    A tree branch blocking the roadway prevented KRCR from going further down Slate Creek Road.

    While several homes have been destroyed, there are others that remain standing, unharmed by the flames.

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