How Wednesday's short burst of rain plays into firefighting efforts on the Delta Fire

    California Highway Patrol working road blocks on the Delta Fire Thursday morning

    A short rain shower assisted Wednesday night's fire fight but firefighters say it is not damping their attack on the Delta Fire. While the rain is welcomed by firefighters and the most northern communities in Shasta County, fire officials say the Northstate will need much more to make a difference.

    "The rain last night was just fabulous. My dogs got a little nervous because they hadn't heard rain before," Elizabeth Osborn, who has lived in Dunsmuir for 40 years.

    Osborn said the rain is much needed to help the fire and to lift the spirits of the community, who has been on edge as the Delta Fire seems to grow their direction each day. "Cleaned [the] air, cleared off the trees of the soot and the ash that's been floating around," Osborn said.

    Firefighters working the line on the Delta Fire said any type of "favorable" weather will help them. However, while the rain is welcomed, Fire Behavior Analyst, Robert Scott, explained during a Thursday morning incident briefing, everything is so dry, they will need a lot more moisture and precipitation to make a difference on the fire.

    "Yes, we are very thankful for the rain. It has reduced the fire growth by making the fine fuels, fuels that the fire burns in, less likely to burn. However, as we move forward probably Saturday and Sunday when we return to more moderate conditions, the fire will continue to move around," Scott added.

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